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Disability & Special Needs Support, 

Resources and Merchandise 

Medical & Home Therapy Supplies

We have located everything you need in Medical and Home Therapy Supplies to create a safe and functional environment. With our affiliation to multiple top medical supply companies this is the place to find current promotions, online deals and the best products available. Please scroll through the categories below and make a purchase today and be sure to check back for more exciting deals.

Bathroom Safety - Make your bathroom safer without compromising bath décor with so many options to choose from you are sure to locate just the right addition for all your bathroom. About two-thirds of accidental injuries happen in the bathtub or shower. Accidental injuries can also occur from standing up or sitting down while using the toilet. Purchase your bathroom safety products today and prevent an accident tomorrow. Shop Now

  • Commodes - Bariatric Commodes, Drop Arm Commodes, Bariatric Drop Arm Commodes, Folding Commodes, Portable Commodes and All Purpose Commodes
  • PVC Chairs - PVC Shower Chairs
  • Shower Chairs - Bath Chairs, Bath Benches, Heavy Duty Bath Benches, Aluminum Bath Seats, Rotating Shower Stools, Shower Chairs with Commode and Bather Pouches
  • Shower Heads - Handheld Shower Sprays, Massaging Shower Sprays and Adjustable Height Shower Sprays
  • Toilet Seats & Safety Frames - Raised Toilet Seats, Toilet Safety Frames and Toilet Seat Cushions
  • Transfer Benches - Heavy Duty Transfer Benches, Padded Transfer Benches, Plastic Transfer Benches and Wood Transfer Boards
  • Tub & Grab Bars - Chrome Knurled, Plastic Tub Rail, Metal Tub Rail, Adjustable Tub Rail, Parallel Tub Rail, Rotating Tub Rails, Suction Cub Grap Bars, Coated Grab Bars, Flip Up Grab Bars and Grab Bars with Shelf
  • Bath Mats

Braces and Supports - Increase your mobility in a safe stable way, decrease your rehabilitation time and empower your potential for healing and movement. Get the support you need and Shop Now! 

Daily Living Aids - One of the most important ways to stay independent is to have the tools needed to accomplish activities associated with everyday tasks and self care. Daily Living Aids make accomplishing everyday task easier while increasing the feeling of independence. Individuals and caregivers will benefit form using daily living aids in many areas including the ability to dress, eat and increase mobility among many other things. Shop Now!

  • Adaptive Dining Products - Cupholders, Cups, Glasses, Plates, Bowls and Utensils
  • Bedroom Assistance - Bed Rail Assists and Bedside Assists
  • Emergency Alert Devices - Emergency Telephones and Fall Alarms
  • Dressing Aids - Button Aids, Zipper Pulls and Sock Aids
  • Everyday Assistance - Doorknob Extenders, Reachers, Hip Kits, Foot Stools, Expandable Door Hinge and Car Grab Bar
  • Grooming Aids - Magnified Mirrors, Hair Wash Systems, Lotion Applicators and Self-Wiping Aids
  • Low Vision Aids - Magnifier Glasses
  • Shopping Carts - All-Purpose Carts and Shopping Bags with Wheels lightweight and portable for easy ransport
  • Lift/Swivel Seat - Swivel Seats and Lifting Seats Assists you gently up and down from an armchair or sofa preventing back and hip strain
  • Medication Aids - Pill Crushers, Pill Cutters, Pill Holders, Medicine Cups and Eyedrop Guides
  • Humidifiers and Vaporizers - Air Purifiers, Steam Inhalers and Humidifiers Add moisture and cleanliness to the air you breath.
  • Nebulizers - Pediatric Nebulizers, Compact Nebulizers and Nebulizer Kits Administer medication in the form of a mist for the treatment of cystic fibrosis, asthma, COPD and other respiratory diseases.
  • Therapy Products - Electrodes, Muscle Stimulators, Moist Heating pads, Heating Pads, Magnesium Gel, Dynamometers, Foot Spas, Massagers and Heating Pads
  • Exercise & Recreation - Pulley Weights, Push Up Blocks, Quadriceps Boards, Shoulder Ladders, Shoulder Wheels, Twist-n-Bend Bars, Dumbbells, Traction Sets, Hand Exercisers, Pedal Exercisers, Steppers, Yoga Mats and Chess Games
  • Miscellaneous Aids - Package Openers, Motion Sensor Lights, Reflector Safety Wraps, Reflective Safety Stickers, Key Holders and Gait Belts

Incontinence Products - Adult Briefs, Protective Underwear, and Absorbent Pads designed for the cost-conscious consumer looking for quality incontinence solutions. The loss of bladder control is a common and often embarrassing problem, incontinence affects your daily activities Shop Now

  • Adult Diapers - Adult diapers in all different sizes and levels of absorbency. Some are adjustable and come in bariatric sizes.
  • Pull-Ups/Disposable Underwear - Pull-ups and disposable underwear in all different sizes and levels of absorbency. Male and female styles.
  • Swim Diapers - Discreet Swim Diapers for Adults and Children
  • Undergarments - Belted Undergarments, Mesh Pants, Incontinence Panties, Swim Diaper, Cover-Ups, and Men's Briefs.
  • Pads and Liners - Pantiliners, Bladder Crontrol Pads, Pant Liners, Male Guards, Booster Pads, Absorbent Pads and Thinliner Sheets.
  • Washcloths and Wipes - Dry Washcloths, Wet Washcloths, Fragrance Free Washcloths and Washcloths with Dimethicone.
  • Skincare - Perineal Cream and Perineal Cleansers to keep the skin fresh and clean
  • Deodorizers - Room Deodorizer to help keep a fresh clean scent.
  • Incontinence Diaper Pail - Save money and defeat odors with our line of Janibell Waste Disposal Systems. 

Mobility & Ambulatory - Millions of people all over the world live with reduced mobility everyday. Through technology there has been the creation of mobility aids like electric wheelchairs, lift vans, and rollators that help answer the question " 'how am I going to get around' . Mobility aids include walkers, canes, crutches, wheelchairs and scooters. Buy Direct and Save

  • Manual Wheelchairs - wheelchairs with widths of 16 in. to 30 in, reclining wheelchairs and elevating leg rests
  • Power Wheelchairs - Folding Power Chairs, Bariatric Power Wheelchairs and Very Heavy Duty Wheelchairs
  • Transport Chairs - Chrome Transport Chairs, Super Light Transport Chairs and Wheelchair/Transport Chair Combos
  • Rollators - Anterior Rollers, Aluminum Rollators, Steel Rollators, 3 Wheel Rollators, Bariatric Anteriors, Bariatric Rollators, Rollators and Mini Sized Rollators
  • Walkers - Walkers with Seats, Side Walkers, Folding Walkers, Walker Rollator Combos and Oversized Walkers
  • Canes - Adjustable Canes, Quad Canes, Folding Canes, Offset Handle Canes, T-Handle Canes, Glow in the Dark Canes, Cane Holders, Cane Straps and Cane Tips
  • Crutches - Steel Crutches
  • Wheelchair Cushions - Gel Wheelchair Cushions and Foam Wheelchair Cushions
  • Accessories - Mobility Lights, Seat Belts, Glides, Wheelchair Pouches, Scooter Arm Bags, Tote Bags, Walker Pouches, Oxygen Pouches, Wheelchair Backpacks, Wheelchair Trays and Wheelchair Ramps

Patient Room and Home Health Care - Trusted Medical Supplies for Patient Rooms and Home Health Care Products to create an environment that promotes safety, comfort, exceptional outcomes and efficiency. - Flat Rate Shipping Offers & Customer Rewards Buy Direct and Save! 

  • Beds and Accessories - Gap Protectors, Manual Beds, Semi-Eletric Beds, Full Electric Beds, Bariatric Beds, Half Length Rails, Full Length Rails, Overbed Tables, Low Air Loss Mattress Systems, Innerspring Mattresses, Foam Mattresses, Mattress Extenders and Blanket Supports
  • Bed Pads and Covers - Reusable Underpads and Bed Pads, Vinyl Mattress Covers, and to help prevent skin breakdown, Convoluted Bed Pads, Egg Crates, Decubitus Pads, and Sheepskin Pads, and Bedding that is Bed Bug and Allergy Proof
  • Pillows and Cushions - Variety of Pillows and Cushions - Memory Foam, Pressure Relief Cushions, Neck & Comfort Pillows, Sleeping Aid Pillows, Water Pillow, Wedges, Lumbar Support Cushion, Coccyx Cushion, Floor Mats, Elevator Pillow, Lateral Positioning, Invalid Ring, and ones for the Heel and Elbow
  • Urinals and Bed Pans - Urinals, bed pans, female and male urinals, and sitz baths
  • Catheters and Leg Bags - Foley and Suction Catheters, Leg Bags, and Catheter Holders
  • Patient Lifts - Manual, Bariatric And Electric Lifts, Trapezes, And Evacuation Assists Patient Lifts are an integral part of the home care setting. They make transfers and daily activities easier and they help eliminate injury both to the caregiver and to the patient. A full selection of patient lifts, both manual and battery-powered as well as a Stand Up lifts, Heavy Duty/High Weight Capacity Lifs, Over Head Track Lifts, Pool Lifts, Bath Lifts and Slings.
  • Slings - Various types of slings including Full Body, Mesh, With A Commode Opening, U-Slings, and Bariatric Slings
  • Lift Chairs
  • Respiratory Items - Nebulizers, Humidifiers, and Vaporizers
  • Fall Prevention
  • Recliners
  • Adult Incontinence Diaper Pails
  • Therapy Equipment - therapy equipment such as suction machines and suction tubing
  • Patient Gowns and Bibs - Patient Gowns, Disposable Lap Bibs, Reusable Cloth Bibs, and Smoker Aprons

Products to Assist with Home care For Gastrointestinal Impairment - Appropriate nutritional therapy and nutritional supplements can play a key role in improving the overall condition and quality of life. Purchase Now

Products to Assist with Home care For Swallowing Difficulties - Foods, beverages and specialty items to help those coping with swallowing difficulties (dysphagia) enjoy their favorite foods and beverages. Shop Now!