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Disability & Special Needs Support, 

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About - The reason behind Special Needs Stop

We've loved every minute of our journey

Special Needs Stop Mission: To give individuals with disabilities and their families a place to join an online community established to inform, inspire and connect with others that share a common bond and love for those with special needs and disabilities.

An Idea is Born

I created Special Needs Stop in 2010 to share knowledge, give inspiration, hope and community to others living the same circumstances as myself. My goal is to help parents, individuals and caregivers with a little guidance to get them through the journey of raising a special needs child and cherishing the moments along the way into adulthood.

Your one stop for everything related to special needs and disability: supportive community, resources, products, information and inspiration. Special Needs Stop has partnered with top companies to offer some of the best products including adaptive clothing, mobility devices, therapy tools, autism awareness merchandise, educational games, safety items and so much more. Special Needs Stop is proud to offer an online community offering faith and support in a variety of ways including prayer requests and scriptures meant to encourage individuals with special needs or disabilities, caregivers, family members and support teams. 

Owner and Creater of Special Needs Stop

At the age of 22 I gave birth to my first child. She was born healthy, happy and beautiful. Three months later something happened and I no longer was the mother of the child I gave birth to. She looked the same and had the same name but she was different. I lost faith in what I thought my life was supposed to be. I lost faith in God and myself.

I drove my daughter to the ER after her fever spiked and she began to have seizures. She had been sick with what I thought was a minor cold for a day or two and I wasn't really thinking much about it. When I arrived at the ER the staff performed a spinal tap and diagnosed her with spinal meningitis. I had no idea what that meant and before I could get any answers she was transported by helicopter to an ICU Children's Hospital. When I finally arrived I walked past her room. I did not recognize her. She had already been placed on a ventilator and IV. I felt like I was in a terrible nightmare. I was a young single mom with a lot of questions, fears and concerns. When I met with the staff neurologist I was told if my daughter survived she would have major brain damage and minimal functionality. She was telling me daughter would not walk or talk. This was not what I had signed up for. This is not what I wanted. This is not the child I gave birth to. I was angry at God. I couldn't understand why I was being punished or why He was punishing my daughter. She did survive and after a month in the hospital we went home. This was just the beginning of a journey I did not know I would take. I never imagined my life as a mother to a special needs child

The Reason Why

I began gaining knowledge, attending therapies and dealing with the multiple disabilities she faced. Somewhere in the process I mourned the death of the child I gave birth to and I embraced the daughter I now had. I did my duties as a mother, I fought for her needs, made sure she always received the best services available and continually advocated for her but I was I was still angry with God for many years. I am not sure when it happened, but I am not angry anymore. The trials, struggles and fights I have endured with her and for her over the years have made me the person I am today. I know for a fact that if I had not been blessed with a special needs child my life and the choices I made would have been completely different. She saved me in more ways then I can explain. I now use my knowledge and faith to help others. I want my life to inspire others. No matter what the current circumstances are there is always light at the end of the tunnel. We forget we are part of a much bigger picture. I know my daughter is here to change lives and I am blessed and honored to be her mother. My daughter is now 26 and I have spent years learning, researching and growing so I can continue to advocate for her. When I look back over the years I often marvel over the idea that she has taught me more about myself than any other person I have encountered. She is constantly testing me and challenges me every day to be a better person. She has played a huge role in creating the person I am today. I have always enjoyed sharing information and meeting other families that are in similar situations and I am glad you stopped by. Stacy Gritt